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About Us

Rapid Withdrawal is a corporation within the Pen Is Out alliance. The corporation was built by veteran Eve Online players to take advantage of player versus player content in the target rich environment of low security space – in particular faction warfare. We serve the in the Gallente Militia and fight against Caldari and Amarr factions, as well as against many of the local pirate clientele.

20% Huge Fleet
80% Small Gang
90% Lowec PvP
100% Fun

Convenient Home System

Sujarento is located in the heart of the southern warzone, right next to Tama and Nagamanen

Veteran Members

Our pilots are mostly adults; we cater to adult schedules and lifestyles. We expect and value active pilots, how you make it happen is up to you.

Jump Frieghter Service

Have all of your assets purchased in Jita shipped down to Sujarento free of charge! Please be mindful, NO CONTAINERS!

No Drama

While we are open to all applicants, we pride ourselves in being a Drama Free corporation

Daily Fleets

Joining and becoming entrenched in day-to-day war against the squids, you will meet corpmates from all over who will become some of your closest friends in New Eden

Big Kills

Fly in every type of doctrine, from small frigates, to Machariels, Nightmares, and Capital ships in huge fights

Featured Pilots

These pilots were selected at random to showcase the different faces of RDRAW. Updated monthly

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Cadet, Casual Player

"I joined RDRAW because I kept seeing how awesome the pilots are and wanted to join in. Its neat how there are so many fights just a few jumps from home base"

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Dreddex Aideron

Cadet, Hunter-Killer

"RDRAW has been a home where I'm free to play how I want to play with a great bunch of dudes."

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Veteran, Squirrel Herder

"I joined for PvP without restrictions. I keep coming back for the community of pilots who are good people, which has led to 12k kills in 2.5 years."

Rapid Withdrawal

We specialize in pulling out